My Take on Jammy Dodgems

Seen these going round a fair bit and thought I would give them a go I thought if I used my favorite vanilla biscuit recipe and a really good strawberry jam


I made up a batch of vanilla biscuit dough

250 g butter

150 g Caster Sugar

300 g Plain Flour

1 large Egg yolk

1 tsp vanilla extract

Start By creaming the butter and sugar together then add the vanilla and egg yolk.

Add the flour, & mix till starts to come together then gently with your hands bring the dough together and knead to form a ball then wrap the dough in cling film and chill for 30 minutes

Whilst waiting for the dough to chill I put the oven on to 180β€³ /350 f Gas mark 4.

roll out the dough and cut out into circles using a cutter then I used an icing nozzle to cut out the inner circles make sure you have an even amount of full circles and ones with hole in the middle.

bake on a lined baking tray for 10 – 12 mins until just golden. allow to cool for a bit then add the jam in the middle and sandwich together.

I can say these went down really well with my yummy munchkins they soon vanished.

Enjoy x


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