Malteser Cheesecake

I love cheesecake and maltesers so I thought after looking at lots of different cheesecake recipes I would combine them and tweak them to make my own so here it is.



4oz butter

2 tbsp. demerera sugar

7oz digestives crushed

120g maltesers crushed


300g cream cheese

150ml double cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

75g Castor sugar

juice of half a squeezed lemon

60g maltesers crushed


60g of maltesers

I started off with measuring out the butter and sugar, then I put it in a pan and heated gently till it had melted and the sugar had dissolved. I then poured the butter & sugar onto the crushed digestive biscuits then added the crushed up maltesers to the bowl and gave it a good mix, I then transferred the biscuit mix it to a 20 cm silicone like tin I find this much better to use as the silicone can just peel off the cheesecake I only use it for cheesecakes. A must for all kitchens. Spread it evenly around and push it all down I tend to use my heavy based saucepan to compact the base in place then place in the fridge for an hour or 2 until firm. Whilst that is doing its thing I then got on with making the filling I use ruby my kitchen aid for this I place the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and juice of half a squeezed lemon then I turn ruby on and let her do her thing for 5 minutes or so till its all combined and thickened up once all mixed I added some more crushed up maltesers and stirred them altogether which after a few licks of the spoon mmmn its ready to be put on the base which i get out of the fridge and then with a spoon and palate knife i evenly spread it all on the base I found this to be the perfect amount for this size of cheesecake because normally i have too much filling left over once Ive evenly spread all over i then placed the cheesecake back into the fridge to set after an hour i got it out and then placed some more maltesers on the top to decorate and then placed it back in the fridge till it was time to eat I forgot to get it out whilst having dinner so it was quiet hard but next time i will get it out about 30 Min’s before eating.

I was really pleased with the outcome it tasted really nice not too much chocolate so a really good combination worked well could be really good for a celebration cake.



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