Melting Moments

It’s been so cold lately so i thought I’d curl up on the sofa with a warm cup of tea and a collection of my favourite cook books, and the post it notes at the ready. That’s where I came across these yummy melting moments thought they would be great for the kids so here goes its taken from the Mary berry cook book.


8oz butter

6oz golden caster sugar

2 large egg yolks

A few drops of vanilla extract

10oz self raising flour

2oz porridge oats

12 red cherries

Now you have all your ingredients begin by putting the oven on at 190c / fan 170c line the baking trays ready,

Measure the butter , sugar, egg yolks and vanilla and flour into a mixing bowl until if forms a soft dough.

Divide the mixture into balls roughly about 36 depending on size you want roll them into the oats and place on a baking tray and flatten a little and add a piece of the quarterd cherry on top.

Bake in the oven for about 20 mins or until there golden, allow to cool on the baking trays for a few moments then transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely and enjoy before the kids get to them


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