Family Homemade Pizza Night

We all love pizza in my house so what better way to get everyone in the kitchen spending time together and learning how to make the pizza dough and being creative with our own pizza we all had so much fun.


for your pizza Dough

1kg of white bread flour

1 x 7g packet of dried yeast

1 tsp caster sugar

pinch of salt

lug of olive oil

750ml of lukewarm water

place the flour on a clean work top and make a well then add the water followed by the yeast, sugar, a pinch of salt and a lug of olive oil.

using folk to bring in the sides bring it altogether using your hands to form a slightly sticky dough, knead the dough on a floured surface for around 5 minutes or until soft and springy then place in a floured bowl cover with a damp tea towel or shower cap and leave to prove for around an hour or has doubled in size.

prepare all the ingredients you will be needing to go on the pizza,

if your making your own tomato sauce add one garlic chopped up, a handful of basil, and a tin of plum tomatoes to a pan cook for around 5 minutes until it smells and tastes to your liking. then using a hand blender blitz the sauce until smooth then season with salt and pepper and put to the one side.

you can buy good quality tomato sauces in all supermarket these days so just use your favourite.

we used Bbq chicken,pepperoni, chorizio peppers sweetcorn pineapple and lots of yummy mozzarella cheese.

Once your dough is ready divide into 10 equal balls and roll out on a flour dusted surface to roughly 1/2cm thick and 25cm in diameter. but as you will see ours were all different shaped as it wasn’t as easy as it looked “will need some practice” as long as you have a roughly shaped circle and its fairly flat you will be fine as we found out they rice really well.

pre heat the oven to 220′c/425f/gas mark 7

leave around 2cm gap from the edge and add your cheese on first then dollop some tomato sauce around and then add your toppings

cook for around 10 minutes or until golden and crisp. slice up and serve with a fresh salad and potato wedges or chips.

Most of all we all had so much fun we have decided to do this once a month

Enjoy xx


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