Cranberry and Oat Breakfast Bar

Something yummy for the pack ups

I enjoy breakfast bars as they are quick and easy and you can have all the things you love in them

140g self raising flour

pinch of salt

1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda

75g porridge oats

100g digestive biscuits

80g demerara sugar

100g unsalted butter

1 tbsp golden syrup

100g dried cranberries

preheat the oven 180c/gas mark 4.

Grease a good size square tray I use the one I make brownies in or flapjacks,

Then start off by weighing out the flour, salt bicarbonate of soda and then the oats,digestive biscuits,Cranberries and sugar mix altogether. Put the butter and syrup in a pan melt slowly over a low heat. When all is bubbling nicely add to the dry mixture and mix till all is coated.

When cool to touch place in the greased pan and firm down i use my palate knife.

Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown once done i leave to cool on a cooling rack still in the tin.

Allow to cool completely then slice into fingers or squares which ever you wish and enjoy


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