I began by getting all the ingredients together I used Paul Hollywoods recipe Here and I had the help of Mr yummy Bakes to knead the dough for me,

500g strong Bread flour

50g caster sugar

40g unsalted butter

2 eggs

2 x 7g sachet of yeast

10g salt

150ml warm milk

130ml water

Strawberry Jam

sunflower oil

extra caster sugar for dusting

I will admit it was exciting to see how these turned out so it felt like ages before I could begin by frying them but I can be a little impatient at times for the method please see the link above for what Paul does.

After there second prove they doubled in size again and i managed to get 12 out of my dough but paul says in the recipe you can get 10 but they would of been massive I still think you could get more than 12 for next time so I’m going for 16 smaller ones.

After second prove ready for frying

When I finally looked at these before frying I was amazed at how much they had risen it was just on an hour for the prove,

I began frying now I don’t have a fryer so I had to add sunflower oil  to a large pan and bring the oil to 180′ which was a little tricky as trying to keep the heat from rising in the end It sat between 170′ and 180′ and I placed the doughnuts in one at a time to begin I left it in their for a couple of mins as soon as it went golden I flipped it over Paul does say 5 mins on each side but I did not find that worked with my pan of oil so it was very much a go on your instinct kind of way

It worked well and I had a plate with a good helping of caster sugar on at the ready and then a cooling rack over a tray

So the frying began I managed to get 2 in at a time. Once I had finished they cooled off on the cooling rack before i could put the filling in the middle.

I prepared the jam which I used my home made jam which is yummy, I put a good few spoon falls into a bowl and gave it a stir to loosen the jam up then using a pipping bag I filled it up and when ready cut the bottom.

I made a slit in each of the doughnuts as Paul says in his method and inserted my pipping bag it and squeezed it was very much a hit and miss if there was enough jam in there I did it till it popped out at the sides but thats because I love my doughnuts with jam in.

Then all was left to do was to eat them I had them on the side ready for when the kids came home from school which we so funny as the first thing they said on walking through the door mmmmm you’ve made doughnuts not Hi Mum so they were really happy.

I will be making these again as I really like them but next time, Im going to make a different filling ooh I’m excited the only down side it’s not good for the diet.Doughnuts


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