Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondies


When I spotted these on Iced gems page I thought they looked amazing and so yummy I knew I had to make them straight away, I have never made blondies before so thought this was a good recipe to start with, The recipe was so straight forward and easy to follow I just gathered up my ingredients and away I went they did not take very long to prepare and then in the oven for 30 mins which made the house smell really good so much so when my eldest son Charlie came in he said mmmmm are you baking something it smells really good.

So as you can tell my kitchen was starting to get a bit busy with kids hanging around waiting for a piece.

This Blondie recipe is now a firm favourite with my hungry brood so I’m sure I will be making it a lot.

If you would like to see more yummy recipes like this make sure you follow Jemma on face book and follow her blog and of course you can buy all you’re  baking and cake decorating supplies from her online shop.

Which I have to say I love the baking cups I can’t make a cupcake without them now as I’m hooked on them. I do love everything on her online shop come to think of it theres so much choice and inspiration and now there lots of gift ideas too, I could spend all day browsing & buying.

Her are those important links you will need.

Iced Jems Facebook Page   Iced Jems Shop   Iced Jems Blog full of recipes

Enjoy XX


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