Vanilla and Cherry Cupcakes


I love this combination of cherries and vanilla they go so well together, along with a vanilla mascarpone topping perfect for a little afternoon snack or a weekend treat.

I use my basic vanilla cupcake recipe along with 100 g cherries defrosted or fresh which ever you like they both work well just don’t add the juice to the cake mixture if using defrosted cherries I save that for the topping, Just mix the cherries into your vanilla batter mix.

To make you’re topping I used 125 g butter unsalted, 225 g Icing Sugar, 125g Mascarpone cheese 1tsp vanilla extract and 2tbsp of left over cherry juice if you used frozen cherry’s.

Mix together you’re icing sugar,butter till combined then add the mascarpone cheese and vanilla and juice if using and mix for a further 10 minutes in the mixer till all soft and combined together.

Once your cupcakes are cooled you can add your topping whichever way you like it’s your choice.

Enjoy x


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