Chicken and Pesto Style Roast Vegetables

This meal was very simple to put together and made a really summery take on a normal roast chicken dinner. I had inspiration from the great magazine Good to Know which has great meals in.


You will need for Chicken

1.4kg Or a good sized chicken that will feed you and your family


few sprigs of fresh basil

salt and pepper

Pre heat the oven to 180′ Gas 4

squeeze the juice of the lemon into a bowl and set aside place the lemon shells in the cavity of the chicken with a few basil leaves

place in a large roasting tin and season with salt and pepper.

Veg and stock

500g baby new potatoes

2 red onions cut into wedges

2 red peppers cut into quarters

1 garlic bulb if you like garlic but i don’t use it if I’m cooking it for Mr Yummy Bakes as he’s not keen

400ml hot chicken stock

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

1tbsp green basil pesto plus 2tbsp for coating

2 courgettes chopped

2 carrots chopped

With your chicken sitting in the large roasting tin pour in your chopped potatoes,red onions,peppers and garlic if using.

in a jug make up your stock and add white wine vinegar, and green basil pesto and mil well then pour all over the chicken and vegetables

cover with tin foil and roast for a good hour. whilst that is cooking. Mix in 2 tbsp green pesto with the reserved lemon juice and 2 tbsp of water mix altogether.

After the hour has gone take your chicken out of the oven and turn it up to 220 Gas 7

Add in your courgettes and spoon over the lemon pesto mixture all over the chicken and vegetables.

Return to the oven for a further 35 mins or until the chicken is cooked and the vegetables are tender.

serve with the vegetable juice with the fat skimmed off.


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