Daily Routines


I find if I can keep on top of these daily I’m on a winner

1. Make Beds and get the kids to make their own too. Makes you feel like the room is tidy with a made bed


2. Wash up through the day and last thing at night, so when you start the next day you won’t be reminded of yesterday, or if your lucky to have a dishwasher then perfect.

3. Wipe all work tops down and sink and drainer at the end of the day.0298781_l

4. Wipe down bathroom sink and toilet I like the disposable cloths like Flash wipes and a squirt of bleach down the toilet then once a week I will clean down the bathroom floors bath etc.

5. I always try and encourage my kids if you get something out put it away after you have finished then it makes life so much easier if we all do it. This applies with mum and dad too once you get the hang of it you won’t be going round after them all the time Lol.

6. If your  going to do one big task make sure its just one as if we try doing everything it just makes us feel low if we can’t get it all done.

And then once you have accomplished the task you will feel so good.

These are just a few of what I do you can adapt them to your own family home needs I find if I have it wrote down i feel that little bit more organised.


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