My Garden

A little tour of my garden so you get an idea of whats what :).

The Herb Garden

Which contains Rosemary,Sage Lemon Thyme, Camomile, Lemon mint, Vebena, Oregano, Chives, Sorrel, Parsley, Lemon balm, Mint.

Ive also got tarragon and bay leaf which are not in the photo.


The Summer Border which I grow Dahlias, Cosmos, Peonies, Poppy’s and I’m training a new clematis up along the fence.


My Vegetable Garden sits at the top end of my garden with the greenhouse and this is where we often have dinner as it’s nice and relaxing.


The rest of my garden I have my own swing chair where I love to sit and read. And my little Shed where I do my potting up of seeds and flowers.


This is what its like for the time being but once the dahlias have bloomed and the cosmos is flowering it will all look so different again.

I love all seasons of my garden there is just so much to see and do and I find it so peaceful pottering about my garden.

And to finish with this is my Front Garden which has lavender and two rose bushes one pink and one yellow


Well, there you have a glimpse into my garden, I hope you have enjoyed looking and maybe I have inspired you for ideas in your own gardens.

Thanks Claire x


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