Times are Changing

My World
My World

My Ellie has finished junior school and now is heading to secondary school in September and I will officially be a mum to two kids in high school (Scary thoughts)

Ellie loves reading and writing and was looking at what to do this summer holidays as they are far too long for them she came up with the idea of doing a diary blog of what she gets up to and blog about her crafts too. Which I thought was a fab idea as it would keep her focused on something, if you get a minute pop over and check her blog out. Smiley Ellie’s Diary

The summer holidays are always quiet busy but as my two are growing up to be young beautiful adults they are becoming more independent than ever. They have their own friends and now with my Ellie now starting to go out with her friends more (mums taxi ) of course, and with Charlie now approaching year 11 and his heart set on being in the RAF he’s becoming more of a man everyday and I’m so proud of them both.

Times are changing its almost like a new chapter in our lives, More time for me and hubby to spend time with each other and of course with Buddy the loopy puppy Lol.

I always like to think of life as a book you have many chapters you take each one as they come and try and enjoy every minute.



One thought on “Times are Changing

  1. aww thats so nice claire’s yummy bakes & homemaker and that is very true we are growing up and it is like anew chapter each day but this summer gone has been amazing and buddy has been a huge impact in our life xx


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