Slowly turning my House into a Country Home

Happy Bank Holiday Everyone,

The weather is truly on form today rain and more rain.

Ive lived in my house for 12 years now and we live in a small town close to the sea and close to a bit of country side So as some would say best of both worlds we have been slowly changing room by room with all the usual like carpets windows bath etc but now I’ve been changing styles and themes I would love to live in the heart of the country but sometimes you cant have it all, so Im tweaking my home to feel like a cosy country cottage, and yes some people will think I’m mad but I love to live with what I have and make it my own.

I wanted to share with you a little of whats been happening over the past week Ive managed to change a few home projects like my side table by the door.


Then my bathroom cabinet got a little makeover i used up the rest of the clotted cream chalk paint. Im really pleased with them both and its transformed my bathroom nicely Im very pleased with the outcome.


Well, I’m certainly enjoying making my house a home and making things myself theres great satisfaction out of it I have a few more projects I want to do so I will be back to show you more soon.

Claire x


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