A quick round up of the past week

The past 7 weeks have been mad with the kids off school routines out the window and lots of fun days out, but finally they have started back at school both seem happy which is great for the first day Still can’t believe my Ellie is now in high school.

I have been so busy with meal planning and recipe hunting and trying to get everything organised again and routines back in play its nice having a break but nice to get back to some normality as well.

I have with the help of hubby got a tumble dryer which to some people it’s no big thing but to me I was so excited we have no room in the kitchen so we cleaned out our big shed which has electricity and lights (which is a bonus) and have placed it up there which fits perfect in the gap and I’m so pleased which it will help me when the winter sets in.

I’ve tried a Madeleine Shaw recipe Beef Stew with Apricots the other day from her Get The Glow book which I will be writing up soon, it was really tasty and everyone enjoyed it so a really good recipe to keep hold of.


I’ve got a few recipes in the pipe line I’m keen to try so keep an eye out for them too.

This week is Fibromyalgia awareness week, its important to mention these conditions as so many of these go Un mentioned and not even spoken about I have been struggling with mine the past few weeks and we all put a brave face on it and carry on but deep down thats not always the case.


We are all fighters in one way or another we keep on and fight another day

I’m sharing this to raise awareness


Hope you all have a lovely evening

Claire xx


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