One step forward


First session of physio since being diagnosed with the Fibromyalgia, All was positive it was nice to discuss with someone my symptoms without being looked at blankly she clearly Knew the condition, which made me feel at ease.

We talked about continuing with my pilates class every week and talked through some more exercises to strengthen my core, and I’m booked in to give Hydrotherapy a whirl so positive steps.

Its all so easily said than done its all about the balance and finding the fine line which is so hard some days, If I feel I’ve gone over the line I right the day off and move on to the next as I say you take the good with the bad its all about turning the bad into more good.

Ive come to terms with different foods a little more now by avoiding all the things like milk, white bread, chocolate too much coffee any many more. In another way all the things I enjoy having but its still early days which I’m trying to change one thing each week this week I’ve been drinking 2 pints of water a day, as they say that helps with the headaches.

On a whole Im feeling positive today as it’s a good day I’m a little achy and my eyes are strained from driving but apart from that its Good day.

So one step forward baby steps in the making.

Claire X



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