Its been a while since updating my blog with any recipes or photos. Im sorry I’ve had a manic October with lots going on,

Ive started hydrotherapy for my Fibromyalgia which is going really well the only down side I have to travel to get there only 30 mins there and back but that can Β take up your day without wanting or needing to do anything else.

I have also been decorating my house I’ve had the last few rooms to complete before we start on the kitchen in the new year so as I’m so impatient I needed them done before christmas comes. πŸ™‚

So thats taken a couple of weeks to sort out with the help of my fantastic husband I may add without him I would not be able to get those jobs done.

Its nice to say my house is turning into a home everyday with little finds etc, Dare I say it that Christmas is coming and preparation is key at the moment its one of my favourite times of the year with lots of yummy bakes and cooking and all those decorations, Theres something about it all that makes it so wonderful.


Ellie is finally settled with high school its only taken 6 weeks but think we have finally made it. Charlie is preparing for exams as he’s in his final year so feeling the strain.

Now we have half term to look forward to a break from pack ups getting them out the door on time it may only be a week but a lovely week off it will be.

Thanks for reading

Claire x


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