My New Book with magic powers (I wish)

Ive recently found this online Fibromyalgia diet and food book at Amazon and thought it would be worth a read I have really been struggling with everything lately and my tummy does not help as I get flares on a daily basis at the moment I sometimes feel like whats the point in it all and then I get all lets fight this its like an emotional rollercoaster ups and downs good days bad days coping is a fun word and if anyone says to me find the middle ground once more I may scream.

Im hoping this book may help me and get some understanding of what is happening to me.


Trying to stay positive doesn’t always work some days

Claire x


3 thoughts on “My New Book with magic powers (I wish)

    1. Hi it was interesting to read and it had food groups etc that you could look at it made a few things clearer. not sure how much its worth on amazon now I wouldn’t pay anymore than £10 tops for it though you may want to try the library and see if you can borrow one first.It might be worth a try XX


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