It is  the run up to christmas and this time of year always seems the busiest for me I’ve been longing to do a blog post for ages and everything has been mad.

I made a list of what to do over this coming month to help with pacing myself that little bit more but some days I feel so overwhelmed with it all I don’t know what I’m doing.

I love doing so much for my family and friends like homemade treats and lots of homemade goodies to enjoy sometimes you get so caught up you miss it all.

I will put together a few posts for you like coconut snowballs and homemade butters, cranberry sauce and stuffing for you to look at,

I’ve made some yummy vanilla fudge which this is the best recipe I’ve found its from Ruth The pink whisk I’ve been using her recipe a few years now and believe me its fool proof as long as you follow the recipe and whatever you do, “DO NOT STOP STIRRING” you will be fine 🙂 Link here if you want to have a go.


I like to plan the meals before and after the christmas week too as sometimes you get in the rut of what to eat so I’ve done a rough 4 week guide to meals that can be made and you can jig them about if you need to. I do a big food shop which I did mine Friday just gone. And I get all bulk of food frozen and stock up on everything I only get fresh things we need for the week. I will do a fresh run just before the big day.

Please pop by my Facebook page, twitter or even my Instagram page for anymore inspiration or tips lets make this a stress free christmas together.




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