Dog Biscuit Treats

I love Kirstie Allsopp and I loved watching her homemade Christmas on channel 4 she featured lots of great makes and this is one of them dog biscuits

Now as you all know we have a new addition to the family earlier this year Buddy so we can’t have Christmas without some homemade treats to give him.

I don’t have a bone cutter so I used a heart and Christmas tree cutter instead.


All you need to make these easy biscuits

350g plain flour

120ml hot chicken stock

2tbsp parsley

1 egg

Place the flour and parsley into a bowl then add the egg and stock and mix altogether so you form a dough, then roll out and using your cutter, cut out your shaped biscuits and place on a baking sheet.

Place them in a pre heated oven at 180’c for 20/30 mins or until golden.

Mine turned out a little puffy but buddy still enjoyed them.

I loved how easy these were to make and you could vary it up by using different stock cubes.


And to finish off place them into some gift bags along with some other dog biscuits or chews if you like, tie them up and there you have some christmas treats for your four legged babies.


Enjoy Β Claire x


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