My New Kitchen

Im in love with my new kitchen, it is the best room in the house by far πŸ™‚

Myself and my husband managed to put it all together with a few helping hands of course. We needed a plasterer to come in and a tiler for the floor and our wonderful close friend Rob helped us with the sink and plumbing side of things.

But apart from all that with our hands and a few choice words at times we managed to turn our kitchen into a place we can now call our own, I love the polka dot duck wellies on the blinds and thought I could tie it all in with curtains which were polka dots too so it would all go nicely I was not sure it was going to all work at first and I can say it was the hardest choice I’ve had to make but the best one so far.

I have spent the day cleaning and hovering the whole house as I can’t believe how dusty it has got over the past few weeks. You try and keep it clean in the other rooms apart from the kitchen but always easier said than done.

I can say its nice eating back at the dining room table now its free from all the kitchen bits πŸ™‚

From the beginning to the end of plastering and painting lots of coats white wash and then the actual colour.


The floor was then ripped up to discover these retro tiles which we then had these beautiful slate grey ceramic tiles put down.

Then with my homemade bunting and hand made curtains for the cupboards down the far end to give it that cottage feel, which I got the fabric from a local shop to me the little fabric shop I love my blinds with the ducks on and their polka dot wellies Perfect. I got my blinds, curtains and lights from DunelmΒ Β We have to get the tiler in to finish some tiles around the cooker but apart from that all is good.

I fell in love with this beautiful duck & tea, coffee and sugar canisters from Dunelm It’s the Jenny and Joseph collection.Β 

Im looking forward to baking in there now.

For now enjoy your weekend

Love Claire xx


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