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Walking with my Buddy

I love going out for walks with my buddy he gets me up and moving in the morning’s especially as Mornings are the hardest for me with my Fibromyalgia.


And who can’t resist this face.

I often take my camera with me and I’ve been walking the same route through the seasons and I love the way it has changes I love spring when we have the first signs of the blossom on the trees.


My beautiful tree in the garden has this beautiful pink blossom and is so pretty.




Buddy loves going in and out searching and smelling all the different smells and yes as he’s a Patterdale terrier he loves nothing more than rolling in fox pooh yes thats right the little monkey and he stinks so much. But I can’t stay mad at him for long.


Walking is a great exercise I find it really useful when I have things on my mind I have time to think and put things in order in my head.

The sounds of the birds singing in the trees is such a wonderful sound too you can just sit and listen and loose yourself for a while.

Im very fortunate that I live near the country side and the sea so I have the best of both which is lovely to shake things up.

Until my next post stay smiling and happy.

Love Claire xx



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