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Fun Times

So much has happened since I’ve been on here we had a lovely trip to Hereford with buddy which was his first little holiday which we had a lovely time, we went and visited some old haunts of mine and had a look around where I grew up. It made me realise you never quiet appreciate anything till you grow up I lived in a city that has the most beautiful cathedral and I didn’t care until going back and seeing it and taking it all in and really appreciating its beauty,



My craft shed is finished and ready for me to attempt something crafty I’ve made some cool diary book marks which I love.


We had a lovely tea party for the queens 9oth Birthday last weekend which meant i was in the kitchen baking lots of goodies to serve my little family. My Ellie made a lovely vanilla sponge and strawberry slice to go with the rest of our selection of yummy cakes.

IMG_5823I can’t quiet believe that we are near the end of June already where does the time go. My eldest Charlie is sitting his exams and next week it will all be over and he will be having his prom. Scary stuff one things for sure you have to make the most of what you have and look after the ones you love.

Have a fun week

Love Claire x


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