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What a week it has been.


Where do I begin

Firstly  my Charlie’s final exams and last school days and prom, Where does the time go you give birth to that fresh new baby and you watch them grow doing the best you can day in day out making decisions, right or wrong no one knows. I always said”wheres the handbook” you get handed a baby and no guide its one big lesson no parent gets it right or wrong you just do what you think is best at the time. And the time has come when your baby is no more a little baby or even a Boy, But he’s turning into a man, all grown up with his own ideas on life with career choices in mind and sixth form waiting for him. There comes a time when you look at them and you no longer see them as your little boy but a man an independent man at that, there comes a time when you have to say ok its time for them to lead life there way let them make their own choices and mistakes along the way as much as it would be hard to watch, it is the only way to learn in this world. You will never stop being a mum you just learn how to step back, you will aways be there to pick up the pieces,  wipe the tears and give the odd advice.


The GCSE’S are now over all that hard work is done. The final day of secondary school is done. All that was left was the big Prom to celebrate with all your friends and to share and make memories.

Charlie has become a handsome polite young man that we are proud to call our son no matter what the GCSE’s results are we know he gave it 100% thats all I asked of him.

My Charlie is so lucky to have such a beautiful and amazing girlfriend Emily, they have stuck to together through out it all.

A little picture of them both on their prom night.


A new chapter of their lives ahead of them waiting for them to enjoy.

Then we had the great Big vote on if we should stay in the EU or not which I did vote to stay in but the vote ended up that we are to leave the EU. I will say that left me with an unsettled feeling which was now what happens now, is it good for us or will we regret it only time will tell. All I know is we have to somehow pull this country which has divided due to the vote and try to work together to make this work and a safe environment for our children’s future.

This week has not gone by without of course cake and a few biscuits which I will share the recipes with you below.

Oat Biscuits and Cornish fairings good old fashioned recipes which fills the biscuit tin nicely. Recipes Cornish fairings Oat Biscuits


Tea bread (Welsh Cake) My Grans recipe I love making this, it always turns out well.



I can honestly say this week has been a weird one a new start with the EU, Charlie leaving school and then his prom. Then catching up with an old friend that I was distant from but now you can start a fresh and draw a line and start again.

It feels like new beginning all round a fresh start.

Lets hope these are changes for the better.

If you want me to share any old favourite recipes please comment below

Until Next week

Claire X











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