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It’s all about biscuits, Cake and friendship

This Blog post comes with a warning Ive filled my Instagram and facebook page with yummy biscuits and cake this week. Not good for those on diets or on a healthy eating diet.

So you have been warned.


Ive had a bit of a thing with biscuits I’ve made a third batch of Jo’s take on Maryland cookies along with some equally yummy biscuits chocolate cherry folk biscuits recipe was from Mary Berry Foolproof cooing book its based on the folk biscuit Here a printable version for you. chocolate cherry biscuits


Along with some yummy Chocolate chip folk biscuits which went down very well with my Hubby and  Ellie. Recipe here  I added 50 g of plain chocolate chopped or you could use   100 g chocolate chips.


So as you can see my tins have been full not for long mind you but they did look nice all for one afternoon.

Then my week was not complete without a slice of cake I’ve done a good few hours this week walking with Buddy so Thats my excuse. Don’t judge me.

Now on to a fab book Im really loving this Cookbook at the moment the recipes are always easy to follow and so simple and they come out with the most delicious cakes and its down to Miranda Gore Browne’s Book Bake Me aCake as Fast as You Can.

Blueberry and lemon cake it is made with greek yoghurt and I can say it is so moist and the zing from lemons complements the blueberry so much. recipe here Blueberry and lemon yoghurt cake



And to top it off My lovely Emma Bridgewater Bits arrived which I’m in love with My first ever Emma Bridgewater mug, apron and little jug.

I was very happy which yes I did do a little happy dance in the Kitchen. 🙂


My Instagram page reached 500 followers which I was so pleased that I have shared what I love with people that have loved it too and I’ve made many special Instagram friends along the way, to share our crazy days, homes and garden and especially yummy food and cake, so Thank You.


Well, to top the week I had coffee with my friend Gemma at her lovely shop “Gemma’s Crafty Cakes” she Decorates cakes for a living and has an excellent eye for detail, and makes cake decorating look so easy I’m in ore of her if I have to be honest, she has found a talent she suits so well, We haven’t been in touch for a while due to both going our own way and being so preocupied in our own lives and dealing with are own problems life throws at us. And now our paths have crossed again and we have picked up where we left off and it feels so nice to have rekindled our friendship.


One of her amazing cakes “Her Own wedding cake”


Gemma also has won awards at Cake International


So as you can see so very talented.

To see all her latest work check out her page on Facebook Gemmas Crafty Cakes


Well, that sums up my week. Hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I have.

Love Claire X


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