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It has been about jam and crochet kind of week!!


I hope you have all had a really good week? The sun has been shining and it makes everyone smile.

In the Garden

Ive grown my first Cucumber and I’m getting lots of courgettes and it won’t be long for the tomatoes to ripen exciting times ahead.


This beauty has just opened it reminds me of my Gran.IMG_6280


My Ellie Finished school for the summer this week, where did the time go year 7 done now for year 8 in September.


Charlie is busy with cadet events and with his Sunday job how they grow up and become adults is quiet scary at times, You just have to sit back and watch, and let them enjoy life.

Tried this new Pimms Cider for the first time it is so lovely perfect for a hot summers day


Yummy Bakes Kitchen

I have been making some strawberry jam as the cupboards are empty I can’t buy jam anymore after knowing how easy it is to make it would be a sin, 😉

Strawberry Jam Recipe


This heat makes none of us feel like eating so I made a simple summer pasta with some fresh vegetables and tomato sauce.

Recipe Here summery chicken pasta


I made a yummy puff pastry savoury Chicken Pesto and veg tart.

Recipe here chicken pesto puff pastry


   Ellie Made a strawberry Smoothie to cool us down which was so good. We used just strawberries from the recipe below.

Recipe here Smoothies 


Something Crafty

My friend Gemma has been helping me to learn the art of crochet and I finally made a square and then made three more on my own,

I never thought I would be able to crochet and I can I’m really pleased with myself.

Now I will be crocheting everything and anything LOL.

A week in pictures

Have a good week.

Love Claire xx



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