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Here we are again!!


Here we are again another week has gone what can I say it has been a weird old week with the weather, More like April showers, But that is our good old British weather for you,


I wish time could stand still at times at times I have thought my head was going to explode yes a little crazy thats what my week has been like.Β I struggle with life sometimes it feels like there is so much to do and not enough time to do it, It’s not only me that feels like this I know but when your on your own with your own thoughts at times it’s really hard to make it seem normal. “and I’m far from normal”

We are coming to the end of July and it feels like yesterday we had spring why is it when we get older the years go by so quickly, I need that pause button, Please give it back if you find it.

Since having my little craft shed I haven’t really been able to get in there as other things have come up Life I suppose Im always looking for something to make I think I’m looking too hard, I did transform this old cork board for a little notice board for in The Little Craft Shed, just out of old magazines and some pretty paper I painted it a lovely sage green to begin with. Then I got the sewing machine out to make some pretty lavender bags for the drawers. Im so in love with this fabric it’s so pretty would look beautiful in a baby room.


Ive really enjoyed doing my crochet which I’m really getting the hang of it now, It is so relaxing and keeps my mind busy Im already looking for my next little project.

Myself and Buddy have been out on our walks again we have had some lovely walks this week early in the morning seems to be the best time, I love going out with Bud it is so nice to have my own thinking time and the fresh air and it helps with my joints so it has lots of advantages, Sometimes you get lost and when you have a busy mind with lots going on sometimes its nice to just stop and take in some views for a while and let the world stop even if it is just for five minutes.

Recipe of the week has to me my new sausage pasta using Tesco’s limited edition Brazil inspired sausages which were really tasty, and so quick and easy to make you can use whichever sausages you want too. You know me I love quick and easy recipes.

My sausage pasta


And my week would not be complete if there wasn’t cake involved so here if your on a diet look away now πŸ™‚ …..


The recipe is from the Book Bake me a cake as fast as you can by Miranda Gore Browne you can buy it at Amazon its well worth it here is a link to the recipe Blueberry and lemon yoghurt cake

Which I replaced the Blueberries for raspberries and it works really well, The smell after it was baked was amazing, I love this cake so much.

Then I baked a mini coffee and walnut cake and then some mini loaves which turned out really well,


I get so much out of baking its like my therapy, the only problem is if I eat too much cake I have to double the walk so Buddy is happy LOL…..

Have a lovely week

Love Claire xx




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