Days out

Days out and Painting


How fast are these weeks going, the weather is good considering its august and the kids are on summer holidays.

We have had a fantastic day at Thorpeness this week and had a lovely walk along their beach with Buddy We couldn’t go on the boats this time round but next time we will.

It is such a pretty little place to visit we will definitely  go back, I love days out gives you something to look forward to and a break from the norm. We did take a little picnic which I made a yummy potato salad we had that by the river. whilst we watched all the people on the boats,


We spotted the house in the clouds which must have the most beautiful views.


The swans got a bit close to Buddy which he didn’t know if they wanted to play or not.

Ive made myself a crochet bag which I’m really pleased with a first for me Im getting really into sewing and making things at the moment, it keeps be busy, Ive just got some more fabric to make a bunting for the front room and stairs, yes you’ve guessed it I love bunting wherever I can put it up I will Lol.


I did get chance to make some Ice cream this week too I love Mary berry’s version as it does not require you to use an Ice cream maker so perfect. I make various flavours Vanilla is a firm favourite in our house I did make a cherry one but did a school girl era and didn’t let the cherries cool down enough before adding luckily it still turned out ok. Here is a link to the recipe I use Mary Berry Ice Cream This recipe never fails me and I’ve created my own flavours too a brilliant recipe once you have made it once you will make it again and again.


There has been a bit of a painting theme going on towards the end of this week, I decided to paint my bench and table in a colour called wild thyme Cupinol range I was inspired from one of my Instagram friends I loved it on her table that she did and had to give it a go, Im so pleased with the outcome the only problem once you paint one thing all you want to do is paint everything. Im really pleased with the outcome. This is a before and after shot.


Then I decided to order some paint for my dresser which came really quick not expected till the following week, So I thought why not wait I was in the mood for painting by now and as I had already stripped it down ready and prepared for painting it was silly not to go ahead. Four coats later and a little sanding to give it that vintage feel in places I had one beautiful cream dresser for my dining room, the old colour made it look so dark as much as it was a lovely brown colour I needed something bright and this colour works so well with the reds and pinks. Yes, I got so excited when I finally finished it. I did a happy dance you know when you have a vision in your head of something you want and it comes out just the way you imagined is the best feeling in the world.

I used Rust-Oleum satin paint Shortbread colour Before and after.


I would love to know what you think.

Now its time for a little relaxing with my crochet in the garden Its all very well all this being busy but my body needs rest too so I can then go again. Its all about pacing yourself right, always easier said than done.

Have a great week

Love Claire xx



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