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Fun in the sun

Here we go again !

We can’t complain the weather has been good this August so now we are having some strong winds and showers, The garden could do with a good watering even though I have been doing it myself but help from above would be good.

The weeks are certainly flying by I seem to have lots of projects on the go and pacing myself is harder than it looks but I’m doing ok. I feel like I have control at the moment how long that lasts who knows trying to keep positive and not over do each day is a challenge but the more I pace the more I can do so I see that as a win win.


We were given this old desk and as Ellie was looking for one to do up this was perfect. I used the Rust-Oleum Satin Paint Mocha it always goes on well this took a few coats after I had sanded it. She loves it and it sits nicely in her room, so one happy Ellie.

I managed to make a bunting for my fire place and the stairs too which adds a lovely shabby feel to my home Im always looking for ways to make my house a home, this process always take time but well worth it in the end.

IMG_6839ย  ย IMG_6915

We had a lovely hot day on Wednesday which meant the swimming pool came out which Buddy was pleased. It ended up with a water pistol fight with dad and everyone getting really wet ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun times how is it that dads always win.

Ellie Made some chocolate butterfly buns she like to bake in the kitchen which she has become quiet good at it. Butterfly buns recipeย ย To make the chocolate buns we took 1’0z of flour away and replaced it with 1’0z cocoa powder, and for the buttercream mix 2 tbsp cocoa with 3 tbsp hot water, allow to cool slightly then beat in 175g of unsalted butter and 350g of icing sugar mix altogether till thoroughly mixed.


I made some more Rock cakes Chocolate and orange flavour here is link to the recipe

I replaced the lemon and white chocolate with 1 grated orange and 50g milk chocolate chopped or you could use dark chocolate.

These are great little snacks and this recipe makes a good 16 fab for picnics or for little ones on days out.


Finally I Made this smokey chicken rice with Tortilla chips inspired by a Waitrose recipe card, This was really straight forward to make and so tasty you could add as many or little veggies as you wish with this I like to get as much as I can as they don’t notice to much when they are all mixed together. Its also a great meal for midweek which is always a plus when your busy. For you to print or viewย Smokey Chicken rice dish


Finally I really enjoy making my Grans Bara Brith but this time I’ve been inspired by Miranda Gore-Browne book Bake me a cake as fast as you can all you need to do is add 2 tbsp of marmalade to the mix then add a crunchy topping of 50g demerara sugar on top of the loaf before cooking.IMG_6917

love Claire xx

Ps feel free to comment if you enjoy this post. xx



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