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Bake off time again


Feels like a lifetime since Great British Bake Off was on our T.V’s but its back with new contestants and yummy bakes to tempt us and inspire us to get off our sofas and into the kitchen to recreate the wonderful bakes.

A few years back I did their signature bake from each week which was fun but hard work too, and I wasn’t the one on the telly so how they feel I don’t know it must be so scary and the pressure well rather them than me.

I have on the other hand made the Jaffa cakes which as its cake week I thought why not give them ago they did make it look easy I found it a lot of faffing for 12 yummy Jaffa cakes which would disappear faster than it was too make them,

But here you are 12 Jaffa cakes not perfect but to be fair I’m not a pro at this just a mum who loves to bake ๐Ÿ™‚ ย and they are Homemade with love of course.

I used the recipe from Mary berry BBC good food websiteย  link here


I got a nice wooden book case which needed to be restored so that was my next project the paint came out again and I’m so pleased with the outcome it makes my dining room look complete. You know when you get an image in your head you just hope you can create it and it is so nice when it happens.


My friend Gemma brought me a pressie an Orchid now I can’t promise it won’t die but I will do my very best Im learning new things about these beautiful plants and they are so pretty.


Exams are now finally over results are in and enrolment of college has been done. My Charlie did very well B,s and C,s so really proud of him he’s got in on the courses he wanted so its all good now for the next chapter of there lives in this grown up world.

I haven’t done much cooking just normal everyday food its been a bit of a chilled week taking each day as they come a few beach walks and a fish and chip supper on the beach to celebrate end of GCSES and the end of the summer holidays as we were all together which does not happen to often.


I love my little town having this beautiful beach on my doorstep makes life that little more better. We are so lucky to have fields and country side one side and the sea the other, truly blessed.

Well it is the last week of the summer holidays and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to some routine back. It feels like the kids have been off forever.

Have a good week

Love Claire xx


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