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Goodbye Summer


It feels like this week has been so long and tiring I think its like all of the summer holidays has come and slapped me in the face, I’ve been running about for the past 6 weeks without thinking about anything but, I think its time to Stop and just listen for a while.

The summer is gently falling away and the Autumn is coming soon we will be wearing are thick wooly jumpers and sipping hot chocolate next to the fire, I do love the seasons,

The kids are back to school and college, now so it has been really nice to be back into a routine.

I’ve been making an autumn chutney using some of my tomatoes from the greenhouse.


Heres the recipe if you fancy having a go its from the BBC Good food website.

We went to a wedding reception at the weekend a friend of Simon’s from work, the bride looked so happy and beautiful. The venue was stunning.

I love the photo booth as did a lot of us I managed to drag Simon in.


Also had my Bestie there too which she looked beautiful as ever.


I certainly paid for all that dancing we did from my hips down were in pain and I knew it would be but sometimes you have to just go and have fun, It sucks having Fibromyalgia at times like that and you know your body won’t forgive you that easily, You look fine on the outside but the pain and the feeling of my legs on fire is one of the most horrible feelings, so I went and took myself to bed and lay down, you have to listen to your body and let it rest. So I can go again, My life has changed so much over the past few years, I don’t think ill ever get used to it. But I won’t give in.

Well, the NFL started back up this weekend and everyone was happy, Sunday nights round the telly watching, My Patriots won which I was happy, Maybe a different story next week as were playing Ellie’s team the Dolphins at least it’s an early kick off so we get to watch it together. It will be interesting watch this space.


Enjoy your week.

Love Claire xx


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