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Autumn the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful

I love all seasons but this one has to be my favourite.

The change in the leaves and the colours always look so warm and cozy, the evenings that draw in and that crisp air in the morning.




Blackberrys are everywhere along the hedge rows and along the country lanes.

So you can imagine my delight of going out and gathering the fruits and then turning them into jams and pies to keep my family going, I love to see rows of jams in the cupboard so when the cold months really hit we have something yummy to have its a good way of saving money too.

You can use jam for sandwiches or to fill a Victoria sponge and of course to spread on you’re morning toast.



Time for the Autumn story with Bramble hedge I love this book of all seasonsΒ IMG_4899.JPG


I think it may be time to make a bucket list for Autumn

Autumn Bucket List

Morning crisp walks

Make an apple pie

Crochet something pretty

Have a movie night

Make homemade soup

Make an autumn inspired craft for the home

Watch fireworks

Drink hot chocolate

Kick through the leaves

Have a cosy night around the fire

Carve a pumpkin ready for Halloween

Make something with apples and blackberries

Make Cookies

Toast marshmallows

Anyone can make an autumn bucket list just have a go its a bit of fun.


I love Blackberry cake heres one I made last year it’s so yummy and a great way of using up blackberries if you have any left that is πŸ™‚

Recipe link hereΒ 


Have a happy Autumn and remember to comment below if you enjoy my blog posts

Love Claire x


6 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Autumn has to be one of my favourites too. I’m loving your Autumn bucket list, what a fab idea. May have to pinch this idea if you don’t mind. Louise (loublou42) IG

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