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Autumn has arrived

October has arrived and were nearly half way through the month already, the weather has certainly turned colder now in the mornings and the nights are drawing in, I do like the autumn especially with all the beautiful colours of oranges, reds and browns.

I love this season especially when we can cosy up by the fire drinking hot chocolate I don’t need many excuses to drink hot chocolate though.

The Blackberry season will be over soon found this cute little recipe on Facebook by the Brambly hedge page.


I found this yummy recipe in the Good food magazine this month meatballs with maccoroni which was really tasty, everyone enjoyed it especially the meatballs especially with the added cheese inside each one, recipe here if you fancy giving it a go at the weekend I will certainly be making it again a family winner.img_7442

Ive finally got round to finishing my kitchen off now with the wall tiles  now finished I did it on my own for the first time ever tilling so feeling very proud of myself to be honest, you certainly can do anything when you put your mind to it.

Now with the house in some order soon it will be time to clear the garden down and I really need to get out and plant some spring bulbs, My tomatoes are still turning red in the green house but they certainly look like they are coming to an end now.

I like to reflect on this years flowers and remember what worked well and what can we do better next year I go around and tie string around the ones that I want to keep or move I love to take photos so I can always look back to see what looked good etc.

I feel a bit of a shift is in order especially with the chickens that I will be getting early next year. So I want to prepare for that, It’s a good job I’m an all weather girl.

I love to watch monty on gardeners world and I’m sure that will be coming to an end soon so I’m really enjoying the full hour we get every Friday.

Heres a little to do list for this month  I’ve taken from their page.

  • Clean out greenhouse and wash down all the glass
  • keep clearing up the fallen leaves (I like to store mine in a black bag it makes great feed for the ground in a year or so, just place out of the way behind the shed)
  • Plant bulbs for the spring
  • Lift pot up off the ground to prevent them getting water logged
  • Plant some autumn colour like winter pansies, heather and cyclamen.

Thats just a few jobs i know i will be doing over the next few weeks if you want to see more here is a link to their site Gardeners world img_7350

Enjoy the rest of your week and please share and like my posts if you enjoy reading them Thank you

Love Claire X


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