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Ive wanted Chickens for a while and hubby was really against it at first its only taken me 4 years for him to finally come round to the idea.

So here is the patch (7ft x 7ft) that they are going on just debating on what to put them in etc how big a run there is so much to consider before getting them we have decided to do it start of next year, so we can do it properly.

After clearing

I’ve been looking on Pinterest for ideas already





There are so many lovely chicken houses and runs these are just ideas I like I’m really not sure how we are actually going to do something we have a big bit of ground for them so I don’t want them to have too little of a space.


Ive seen some great websites with coops heres one I like the look of I was thinking I could paint it. Your thoughts would be great.


I could give it a name too the chicken house that is.

your thoughts and ideas would be really appreciated with this

Thank you

Love Claire x



2 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. I would make your own, design your own style !!! I have wanted chickens for years, but hubby days no as you can have rat /mice problems and I hate those little blitters so keep putting it off lol good luck with yours, hope you get lots of nice eggs xx

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