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My October in pictures

Where did that go October came and went so quick I don’t think I actually saw it.

On our lovely walks through the woods with my Buddy (who loves rolling in fox Pooh)

Around the house I love my kitchen and these really warm socks, and buddy thought he was invited to lunch ;).

I baked a cake and cupcakes for a special little boys birthday party, as you can guess it was a halloween themed party so lemon and white chocolate cupcakes and handmade spiders, then a rich chocolate cake covered in cobwebs made using marshmallows and a homemade spider using sugar paste, recipe for the big cake was taken from bbc good food website it’s an Edd Kimber recipe Here  and the cupcakes are mine just a normal cupcake recipe with lemon added to the ingredients and melted white chocolate pipped into cobwebs on top. Which went down very well.

Finally its that time of year when we go to an NFL game which is held in the uk we went to the wembley game Cincinnati bengals Vs Redskins which happened to be my husbands team (Bengals) so he was really happy. We all had such a good time I love the atmosphere at the games and around the stadium, we all go in our team shirts and there is no hostility everyone mixes with everyone no matter what team you are its so lovely to see so many different teams altogether in one place. So different to our football matches, and a much nicer. We could really learn a lot.



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