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Countdown to Christmas

I love christmas its that time of the year you can eat drink and be merry and no one actually judges you. Well, not to your face that is.

I start planning christmas in September and my decorations go up really early the middle of November then I can enjoy the run up to christmas with little stress. (not always possible)

Christmas countdown is now on if you are anything like me you will have lists and plans at the ready I have to have a plan and I have my own planner too (sad I know)


I have lists on what to get and meal planners which I will share with you as we get closer to christmas.

I like to bake things in advance too so I don’t have so much to do near the day Mince pies are really good to freeze, as you can get them out and pop them in the oven for 10 mins and they are as good as when they are freshly made.


I’ve been making some more christmas stockings for us this year as are christmas is changing as my kids are now older so we don’t need such big stockings enough for an orange, chocolates and socks lol isn’t that what everyone gets.

These stockings are lined inside too. 🙂


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