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New beginnings


Happy New Year to you all I hope you have all had a lovely christmas.

Firstly as you have probably noticed my page has changed names. This is because lots have changed over the past 6 months, don’t worry I will still post recipes, but I hope to cover more on home life too now so I needed a more fitting name.

So welcome to Claire’s Cosy little Home to everyone who is already here and to all the newcomers that visit my blog.

This is my first blog post of the year and wow where did 2016 go it came and went so fast,


Lots of you will have made new years resolutions I think we all seem to make them but never stick to them.

I have a few lets see how many I keep.

1, Drink more water (boring I know)

2, loose weight (on pretty much everyones list)

3, Live life with no regrets

4, Get rid of the negative people around me

5, Spend more time with my hubby making memories

These are just a few I won’t beat myself up if i don’t fulfil these but its nice to have a list to try, and even if we can do these things little and often they will become apart of your life before you know it.

Thats my take on it at least.

Well, please leave any comments below I love to know what you think of the name change.

Love Claire xx


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