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Getting back into a routine


We are half way through January already how has that happened, I don’t know about anyone else but I really need to get back on the healthy wagon. I’ve really been eating lots of bad food since christmas. Its nice to sit and just eat cheese and biscuits, chocolate and christmas cake all day but you just can’t do it everyday can you really NO.

It’s a new week so its time to start, and on a plus I’ve eaten all the chocolate now so theres no more left to demolish. Ha

I need to get back into a routine with the housework, so Ive dragged my cleaning planner out which I made ages ago to help here if you want to have a look DAILY ROUTINE


So if I do this each day it helps my week go smoothly too and I haven’t got to do it all in one hit. So more time to do other projects.

Right I’m going to do the washing start as I mean to go and all that.

Love Claire X



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