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Tuna pasta


Tuna pasta is a meal that is quick and makes a great mid week meal, that everyone will enjoy.

Im always trying to make different yummy dinners for my family and they are so lucky because when I was a child we didn’t have anything too fancy it normally was chips and something or mash potato and gravy dinners, its funny how times have changed over the years. And the more choice we have the harder it becomes to choose simple delicious meals on a budget that the kids won’t turn their nose up,

So here if you want to re create my take on tuna pasta,


You will need,

1 large red onion sliced and chopped small

1 level teaspoon of cinnamon

1 level teaspoon of oregano

1/2 fresh red chilli chopped use as much or as little as you like as this is purely for your taste.

1 red pepper sliced and chopped into cubes

X2 tins of tomatoes chopped

X2 tins of tuna I just buy which ever is on offer Or whatever I can afford

Salt and pepper

300g rigatoni pasta or whichever you prefer this is enough for 4 people


Begin by placing a large pan of salted water on to book for the pasta.

Once the pan reaches boiling, cook your pasta according to the packet instructions.

Then using a pan with a splash of oil add your onions and heat for a few minutes then add your oregano, cinnamon and chilli.

Allow them all to cook together gently until they are soft, add your red pepper and the tins of tomatoes give it all a good stir and season with salt and pepper, and now for the tuna break it all up and add it to the sauce mixture, allow to simmer for a good 20 mins

Once your pasta is cooked drain and then pour into the tomato sauce mix and bring it altogether so its all coated and serve I served mine with a good grating of cheese and a green salad.

You can add chicken to this dish or even cooked sausages, whatever budget you have you can put this together.

Hope you enjoy this recipe if so make sure you give it a like below.

Love Claire x


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