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Whats a normal week


Being a full time house wife, homemaker, mum whatever you like to call yourself, is tricky no matter if your kids are young or at the teenage stage, The amount of washing ironing and cleaning you do is never ending I try and keep on top of the house work.


Have you ever done a load of washing and then you go to look at the basket again and within a few hours its full again especially on the weekend I mean how does anyone wear that amount of clothes in one day is a mystery to me.

Im always trying to think up of new meals too so it does not get too boring and sometimes I do think there is too much of a choice and we try too hard to please where has the “get what your given” gone thats what I got told whilst I was growing up. It did not hurt me thats for sure.

Anyway sometimes I find that it all just goes so fast and I feel like I’m sinking I have to have an organised home and yes people think, I’m so good but if I don’t I would crumble and fall apart some people are great at just going with the flow but I love routine and that is what keeps me on track especially when you hit lows because you do, I had a low the start of the month as I had a filling close to a nerve which was pure agony for a week. But as I’m on other meds for my fibro I couldn’t take anything else so it was a case of sitting it out and coming off my regular tablets to take others to make it bearable. Im just starting to turn around and get back to feeling ok and dealing with everyday life chores.


It’s a short month as it is but sometimes I just want the world to just stop so I can catch up then we can go again, I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like this.


Ive learnt that this is just a low and a flare up and things will get better and Ill be bouncing around in no time and my weeks will be normal again well as normal as my weeks ever be.

I find this weather does not help either we need some sunshine and some warmth and with the garden looking so dull and no colour it does not help the mood.

Im hoping with these pretty pics it will lift this dull dreary month of February

ย I love this saying it seems so perfect right now.


Love Claire x






5 thoughts on “Whats a normal week

  1. Totally agree Claire, my garden is in such a post winter mess at the moment, cant wait to get out with my radio in the spring sunshine and get planting my veggie patch and some tubs and baskets of flowers ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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  2. ^ I came to copy and paste that exact part of your post! I know that feeling all too well. Great quote at the end too ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

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