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Throwback Thursday Recipe

Throw back Thursday recipe is these Banana Milkshake cupcakes The kids love them and you will too I’m sure, I thought these would be great to share with you as they are bright and cheerful and taste really good.

A great way to start March off.

Banana milkshake cupcakes


It has been a fast month and now we are in March it will be nice to start thinking of times in the garden and waiting for the flowers to start to bloom and brighten everything up.

Ive got a few jobs for this month

  1. Tidy up the shed 😦
  2. Plan the garden and what I want to actually grow this year ( I’m very late yes)
  3. Hubby’s birthday so I will be baking a cake of course any excuse for a cake 😉
  4. theres a pile of old clothes under my bed that need to go to the charity shop
  5. I’ve started spring cleaning so I need to continue with that.

So lots to keep me busy plus with my new little job that Ive started don’t get too excited it’s selling Avon in my local area and online I thought it might be fun, and Avon has changed so much since I remember it there is so much in these little books its mad. So lets see where this little adventure takes me.

If anyone is interested in having a look through a book you can go along to my online store 

You will have to pay postage if you don’t live in my area but if there is a group of you then it will be worth it. Also it gets delivered straight from Avon but I get the commission. It’s a new thing as I never had heard of this before great for my family members who don’t live close to me. LOL

Feel free to pop over to my Facebook page I set up for it too Avon with Claire

Right I must get on theres lots to do..

Enjoy the rest of your day

Love Claire xx


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