Claire's Cosy Little Home

The girls


We sadly we lost one of my chickens Bluebell she became very poorly and died,

So I’m now down to three chickens, I’ve had many problems with the girls as they have not been laying eggs for sometime now, but I’m pleased to say I’m getting at least one a day now and occasionally two, My Rosie does not lay any eggs, which is not great as that is why I have my girls for the eggs.

I think I may be getting two more girls to join them I’m just hoping they pick up with the egg laying, Any tips would be very grateful,

Whilst we had some really hot days the other week i did make these ice cube treats for the girls to help cool them down I simply added peas and mint leaves to the ice cube tray filled with water then placed it in the freezer till it was hard and then tipped them out for the girls to enjoy.


The girls also love watermelon too which is another great treat for warm days.

If you have any tips or ideas for chickens I would love to hear them.


Love claire x


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